Who Are We?

Clinch River Home Health is a non-profit agency providing home healthcare services in Anderson County since 1975. We are the only home healthcare agency in the area that offers an income-based scale payment rate. We also take Medicare assignments and most commercial insurances. With changes in lifestyle and advances in medical technology, people are living longer and with advancing age come frailty which translates to the need for assistance with homemaking tasks (cooking and cleaning), personal care, transportation, medications, and a need for companionship. “Assisted Living” facilities are becoming more and more a part of our landscape much the way “Nursing Homes” have. However, there are those whose income is nowhere near that needed to move to an Assisted Living Facility. It is this segment of our community that Clinch River Home Health was established to serve. That assistance is provided via our Sliding Scale fee structure (clients pay based on their household income after deduction of medical bills and prescription medicines). If household income is less than $500 a month (which is the case for many of our sliding scale clients), very little is available for in-home assistance. These are the people we are asking you to join us in helping. For clients who qualify for skilled home care under Medicare, a limited amount of personal and homemaking assistance is covered by Medicare. However, when they are discharged from the Medicare-covered care, to continue receiving the personal and homemaking assistance (provided by Certified Nursing Assistants under the supervision of a Registered Nurse) they must bear the cost themselves.

Our Mission
Clinch River Home Health’s mission is to provide affordable in-home skilled and personal care to all residents regardless of age, sex, race, or religious affiliation; especially those with limited financial resources which would not be possible without continued support from United Way of Anderson County, United Way of Roane County, professional and private organizations, religious organizations, and private contributions.

What Our Clients Say
“I couldn’t have gotten well without you..”
“I am so grateful your service is available. ”
“Your nurses are wonderful. I could not have asked for better.”
“Clinch River Home Health, you are the best.”